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eCommerce is Electronic Business

Simply put, ecommerce is the use of the Internet in any online commercial venture to develop and/or maintain business.

eCommerce has evolved from online billboards to a fully functional, personalized shopping experience over the past decade. While it has often been “trial by error”, the path from 1994 through the 2004 holiday shopping season is full of crucial milestones of Internet pioneers and technology innovators.

A quick glimpse at the data promises much more evolution in the years to come. Forrester Research predicted American firms alone would sell $316 billion in goods and services via the Web by 2010. That figure would more than double 2004's online spending to account for some 12% of all retail sales, up from about 7% today.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce means anything having to do with conducting business on the web. If you choose to sell products or services on the Internet, this is one form of e-commerce. You can include the ability for customers to pay you at your web site utilizing credit cards, Pay Pal or other methods of payment. This is the most common form of ecommerce.

In the age of electronic information flow there are many tools for communication that can be effectively utilized by every category of business from non-profit to for-profit.
One tool of particular user value is the electronic newsletter or webletter because it is both inexpensive to produce and deliver while providing information on a very timely basis to recipients.
While there are many technical considerations, including distribution methods and formats for delivery, it is possible to create and assemble all the component parts required to initiate and distribute a webletter to a variety of different audiences.

You might decide to conduct online surveys to determine how people view your customer service or products/services potential customers would like you to offer. Of course, you could have survey topics about almost anything you choose to question.

Performance Tracking
It is also possible to track “hits” to your web site which will permit you to know what they are looking at on your site, how long they visited, etc. This allows us to work with you to analyze and improve performance of your web site. This too is eCommerce.
Web Studio One helps you with all of these types of ecommerce. We also are capable of assisting you with customer, product or other database development. If you use a database within the structure of your online strategy, this too is a form of eCommerce.


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